Imagine a journey within a new city, where you are in constant exchange with the local pioneers of environmental and social innovation. Imagine to be guided on a route of great visionaries and enthusiastic change-makers telling you the revolutionary stories of their work. Human connection is the best way to get to know the cultural heritage and the current transformations of unknown places.

Come with us on a Circular Economy Tour in Berlin and be inspired by cutting-edge projects and passionate innovators. Learn about the core principles of circular economy, get to know circular products & start-ups, recycling processes, sustainable consumption and how to keep resources in closed loops in our daily life.

Meet the minds behind ground-breaking Circular Economy innovations and find out what was their starting point, what they learn on the way and how the future of sustainability looks like.

From coffee cups made out of coffee grounds, to zero waste supermarkets, through circular streams for textiles, permaculture gardens and fermentation workshops we will visit together the most exciting leaders of circular innovation.

Come with all your curiosity and questions, we will make this experience unique.  


The Circular Economy Tours are co-founded and guided by Claudi and Arianna, who are networkers and experts in sustainable innovation in different fields. Their enthusiasm and passion for the topic will add extra fun and inspiration over the journey!

Here is more background about both of them:


Portrait Arianna Nicoletti, co-founder Circular Economy Tours

...is a fashion designer and activist working with the concept of "Upcycling" since 2009. Fascinated by the aspect of textile waste reduction, she co-initiated in the last years many projects in Berlin: the upcycling label aluc, the concept store The Upcycling Fashion Store and the monthly networking event Textilstammtisch Berlin. Since 2012, she also collaborates with the Berliner Stadtmission for the material sourcing and upcycling project Water to Wine.

Apart from that, Arianna is the co-founder of the Green Fashion Tours - a project created together with Anna Perrottet in 2015. Since 2016 it is part of the bigger non-profit organization Future Fashion Forward - the NGO coordinating (among other projects) the international campaign Fashion Revolution in Germany.

Arianna is further involved in consultancy projects, personal research projects as well as in talks, panel discussions and conferences in all Europe. 


Portrait Claudi Sult, co-founder Circular Economy Tours

...is an eco-enthusiast, yay-sayer & the founder of GreenMe Berlin - an online platform mapping out the coolest eco-minded businesses in Berlin and beyond. With a professional background in Sustainable Tourism and previous roles to work with journalists & influencers at the Berlin Tourist Board, she's always been on the hunt for the latest green trends, passionate people and innovative ideas.

Since 2016, she's been helping curious & future-oriented Berliners, expats, travelers and businesses to discover the city from a positive, sustainable angle. No finger-wagging, no dogma.As a believer in the power of face to face, Claudi and her team are running green city tours through various Berlin neighborhoods. Most recently, she started pop-up tours in other cities across the world - first stop: Melbourne, OZ. 

Claudi spoke also at various events, such as ITB Berlin, DNX or Tech Open Air and is burning to put Berlin’s creative changemakers into the spotlight.

We're excited to introduce you to the creative Circular Economy Scene in Berlin. People who make change happen and help us move towards a more sustainable future - without waste, less overproduction and more human connection.

Are you ready to meet them? Perfect, then choose your favorite Circular Economy Tour and...


We organize unique Circular Economy Tours in Berlin, connecting curious individuals, groups and businesses with cutting-edge projects and passionate innovators in the scene.



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